Signs You Need Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair

If Wind Has Removed Shingles from Your Roof, Then You Need Storm Damage Repair.

Violent storms can appear without warning to devastate a roof. As a general rule of thumb, a homeowner should always call for an inspection to follow a major storm. At the same time, you should stay aware of the signs to schedule storm damage repair or file an insurance claim. If you notice any of the following in the aftermath of a major weather event, call for immediate roofer service.

Blackened Shingles

If hail has impacted your roof, it will leave traces as blackened marks on shingles. This represents the destruction of the asphalt layer of a shingle to reveal the vulnerable substrate. Shingles in this condition cannot serve to protect a roof, and should be replaced. If your roof has comprehensive shingle damage, you may need to spring for a full replacement.

Missing Shingles

Whereas hail will impact shingles and cause them to lose asphalt, high winds can remove shingles altogether. A roof that has lost shingles is highly vulnerable to leaks. As with blackened shingles, the widespread loss of your shingles should necessitate a new roof.


If your roof is covered with debris, then it has almost certainly suffered damage. Rather than attempt removal yourself, call a certified roofing professional for help. This will cover both the removal of the debris, along with the identification of necessary repairs.

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