Signs You Need a New Roof

Roof Replacement

Be Aware of Signs of Major Roof Damage

The time comes for every homeowner, your roof has seen its last days. While some roofing types have very long lifespans, they all come to an end at one time or another. The question is how to identify the signs that you need a new roof. 1st Quality Roofing and Construction offers roof replacement in Mansfield, TX, as well as the DFW Metroplex. Look for these signs that you need a new roof:

Curled Shingles

Whether the edges of your shingles turn upwards, or the middle begins to rise up, both indicate damage that may be nearing a serious nature. If these go unresolved, roof leaks are likely to occur in the near future.

Displaced Shingles

What’s worse than a curled shingle? A displaced one. While a couple of missing shingles can be simply replaced, once this pattern begins to become a habit, roof replacement starts looking more and more likely. Another issue is that it’s very difficult to find replica shingle replacements that match the color of your original roof.

Gutter Granules

Check your gutters for granules. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, these granules indicate that that day is quickly approaching. On the flip-side, if your roof is brand new, granules in the gutter are just excess ones and not a cause for alarm. It all depends on the age of your roofing structure.

Sagging Roof

Take a look at your home from the exterior. Is your roof sagging? If so, roof replacement is a near certain conclusion. In its worst cases, this could indicate a problem with the foundation of your home, which is even more of a headache than any type of roofing damage. For roof replacement services in Mansfield, TX, call us at (817) 668-6213.