Maintaining Your Roofing Investment

No one wants to be told that their entire roof needs replaced. Replacing an entire roof can cost a lot money. A roof is a large investment, and it needs to be properly maintained like any other investment.

Protect Your Roofing Investment.

How To Protect Your Investment

Here are simple ways to protect and maintain your investment:

Checking Your Roof: Especially after storms, look for obvious problems. Missing shingles or damaged shingles could lead to further problems if left untreated. Punctures in a layer of roofing need immediate attention.

Clearing the Gutters and drains: Water can destroy roofs better than almost any other cause. Gutters and drains work to keep the water away. However, gutters and drains often get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris making them not function properly. Make sure to clear them out regularly.

Inspection: Professionals should inspect your roof regularly in case a problem comes up that’s not obvious.

Keeping Tree Limbs Away: Overhanging tree limbs can scrape against your roof. Even if it seems to be gentle, over time the wind can use the limbs to tear up the shingles.

Removing Objects From the Roof: Leaves and other foreign objects on the roof can cause damage to the roof as they trap in moisture or get blown across the shingles. Removing these objects from the roof can help keep your roof from future damage.

Taking Care of the Small Problems: Untreated small problems often lead to larger problems. An unrepaired minor leak could get worse as water works its way through your roof and causes further damage. Gaps in the flashing between chimneys, sun windows, or vents allow water to seep its way into your roof.

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